🔒Team without Tokens

Key points:

  1. The development team will not have any assigned tokens. There is not, nor will there be, a "dev wallet". We don't want any whales in the game, that includes us.

NFT games are normally financed through the sale of their tokens, coming from the commonly called “dev wallet”. Ideally, these tokens should be used for game maintenance, i.e. payment of salaries, servers, etc. However, the reality is that it is used to abuse the system and the players. With the excuse of paying for those services, many developers make the price of their game tokens collapse or stop the organic growth of their games. We consider this practice a theft and a total abuse of the trust that the community has placed in the project. As a team we want to emphasize our commitment not to be part of this unpleasant phenomenon.

The Dogs vs Hot Dogs from Outer Space business model does not need the tokens of this wallet to be financed. It is for this reason that there are no tokens assigned to the development team.

We have worked to develop measures that generate a sustainable economy, in the short and long term. We have full confidence in the project, this confidence allows us to make this type of decision without fear.

This process can be verified by the community.

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