💰Free Economy

Key points:

  1. Dogs vs Hot Dogs from Outer Space is a science fiction trading card game. Based on NFT technology that implements a free economy.

The oracle problem

Oracles in NFT games have a fundamental problem: in a downtrend, they give out a huge amount of tokens to keep the value of the rewards constant. This creates two problems: one, the reward pool is depleted quickly and two, creation of holders with a large number of tokens. This generates that at the slightest price recovery, the holders, sell and the token falls again, entering a vicious circle from which it is very difficult to get out.

Being aware of these problems and with the purpose of not having them in our game, in Dogs vs Hot Dogs from Outer Space we decided to implement a free economy.

However, it is always necessary to protect the rewards pool (so that it does not empty prematurely) from “panic sells” and from those who, by having “immortal” NFTs, obtain unlimited profits. For this we have implemented two measures:

It is a feature of the withdrawal system that seeks, based on incentives and penalties, to prevent the player/investor from constantly withdrawing their tokens early.

We created a system of downgrading and burning NFTs to encourage the player to constantly reinvest in the game.

Each measure is explained in depth in its respective section.

All these measures seek to promote a healthy economy, which will allow the game to be maintained over time and continue to reward its players in a lucrative way.

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