👨‍🏫KYC with Solid Proof

Key points:

  1. The Dogs vs Hot Dogs from Outer Space team will have KYC with the renowned company Solid Proof.

  2. The sale of NFTs will take place once the KYC is complete and can be verified by the community.

Privacy vs Trust

As a team, we believe that the privacy and security of our members is of utmost importance; in the same way we consider it unethical and immoral to ask people for money without providing any guarantee. For this reason, the Dogs vs Hot Dogs from Outer Space team has started the KYC process with the renowned company Solid Proof. This way we promise that no investment will be used for a purpose other than the development of the game and its growth.

A real KYC

What is KYC or Identity Verification?

KYC means “Know your customer”. It refers to verification of a customer's identity, typically by a financial institution.

Why should you care?

Know Your Customer (KYC) standards are designed to verify that developers are who they say they are. This protects investors against fraudulent activities, strengthening trust and transparency.

KYC involves several steps to:

  1. Establish team identity. Information that can be used to verify team identity, such as valid identity documents, Social Security numbers, passports, etc., is collected and verified.

  2. Understand the nature of team activities. After verifying identity, a background check is performed. The purpose of the background check is to perform a risk assessment. If the team has been flagged for financial fraud in the past or is under investigation, it will be flagged during the background check.

  3. Maintain continuous monitoring to ensure that the KYC information is up to date and also that the company is not carrying out suspicious activities.

The KYC must be done by an auditing company, specialized in these processes, capable of offering support to the community. That is why we have chosen Solid Proof.

"But a YouTuber said…" and about the nature of KYC

It is not valid to call KYC to:

Someone making an AMA or appearing on any social network, claiming to be the game developers or their legal representatives, without any way of verifying that such information is real.

Is it possible to verify that information? Does the average player have the resources to confirm the information presented? Is it possible to verify the authenticity and validity of the documents? And what about criminal records? What if people are the subjects of active criminal investigations?

That an influencer says that he/she has already performed the KYC

That an influencer says that he has already performed the KYC. Influencers are a great pillar in the community. They introduce the games and many do a great job of providing guidance, especially in the early days of release. However, performing a KYC is more than saying "I have their documents". Is there something that legally forces the youtuber to reveal the data in a suspicious situation? What processes does the influencer use to verify the data they have provided? How do we know that it is not an influencer sponsored by the game team itself? or even, how can we be sure that the influencer is not being the victim of some scam?

To publish social network profiles on the website

Anyone can create a profile on a social network. Matching a name with a face does not imply transparency or trust. Many profiles are fake, published to offer a "guarantee" but it is nothing more than a scam.

The KYC must be done by a trusted third party, someone professional, experienced and unequivocally supported by the entire community. That is why we chose Solid Proof, a company specialized in reviewing smart contracts and verification processes. They have provided support to a large number of projects, bringing security to all their investors.

But where is the KYC?

Due to the number of team members, legal requirements and paperwork involved in this process with Solid Proof, the KYC has not yet been completed. As soon as we have the certificate we will publish it and announce it through all our official media. Wait for the news very soon. For this reason the initial sale of NFTs will take place until the KYC process is complete and verified by the community. Many NFT projects commit to KYC until after several major sales, a process that in many cases never happens. We promise to obtain our KYC before taking any investment.

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