The Maio is the energy used to play cards. There are three types. The only way to get it is by rolling Maio's dice.

Maio's dice are not conventional dice. They don't have numbers on their faces, but rather symbols that represent the three types of Maio. Each dice has two faces for each symbol.

The three types of Maio are:

Once the mission type is revealed and the player has chosen their hand of six cards, the player will roll 10 Maio dice simultaneously. In this way he will obtain the total Maio that can be used throughout the game. This Maio will be used to pay the cost of summoning the Artifact cards selected by the player.

Special Conditions

There are two special conditions that can modify the behavior of the dice:

  1. Missions can explicitly define the number of dice the player can roll, as well as the type of Maio they can get from them. Ex. For this mission you will only get Maio type 1.

  2. If the randomly assigned mission type turns out to be the most compatible with your invader, you can choose which faces will land on three of your dice. That is, you choose what type of Maio you will get. However, if the mission type is the least compatible, you will only be able to roll seven dice instead of 10.

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