What is it?

Invasion is the easiest mode to learn and play. It has been designed so that the player, through the development of a strategy, completes his game matches in a fast, simple but fun way. A better strategy means a better reward.

In Invasion you take on the role of an invading Hot Dog who, with his equipment and weapons (represented by a deck of cards Artifact), must successfully complete missions and contribute to the conquest of the planet Dog.

Objective of the game

As a soldier of the Hot Dog imperial army your job is to complete missions that accelerate the invasion of the planet Dog. To successfully complete each mission you must reduce its probability of failure. All games start with a 100% chance of failure. Your job is, using the best strategies and combos that your imagination and cards allow, to reduce the chance of mission failure from 100% to 0%.

How to start?

To start playing Invasion mode you need three things: an invader, a deck, and a set of dice. All of this can be acquired by buying the Starter Pack for 100 MUSTARD (this is equivalent to USD $100 at the time of TGE) and paying an additional 5 BUSD (this additional cost is used for game maintenance).

The Starter Pack includes:

  1. One Invader whose type, chosen randomly, will correspond to one of six existing types. Initially you will be able to carry out 100 missions, which you can increase later.

  2. A deck of 28 randomly selected Artifact cards.

  3. 10 balanced Maio dice, that is, each dice has 2 faces for each type of Maio (energy).


  1. The invader can only use the deck and dice set with which it was created.

  2. There is a limit of 10 invaders per wallet.

Before starting your missions you will have to play a tutorial game. In it, you will be able to familiarize yourself with the rules of the game and complete various test missions. These missions don't give any rewards, but they don't take any health points from your invader either. The purpose is to help you fully understand the mechanics of the game.

As in any game, you can adjust the level of difficulty. You have two options: easy and normal. The difficulty of your missions, and the value of your rewards, will depend on the difficulty level you choose.

When you're ready start doing missions, have fun and earn money!

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