👮‍♀️Audit with Solid Proof

Key points:

  1. The Smart Contracts of the game will be audited by Solid Proof.

  2. The pre-sale and public sale of the token will take place until the audit is complete, a process that can be verified by the community.

The Dogs vs Hot Dogs from Outer Space development team is a great team. They have more than 20 years of experience in Web Development, Game Development, Mobile Development (for both Android and IOS) and three years developing tools with applications for blockchain technologies and smart contracts.

We are confident in our technical ability, however, we recognize that we can make mistakes. For this reason, the team will start an audit process of all the code involving the smart contracts, that will give life to the token and the NFTs. Solid Proof is the company that will carry out the audit. It specializes in smart contract inspection and finding vulnerabilities in blockchain projects. They carry out a large number of tests, both manual and automatic, to guarantee the quality of the contracts. In this way we will provide confidence to the entire community.

An audit of this level guarantees us to have a stable, safe and reliable contract. Enough so that the player/investor is confident. Having the certainty that "convenient hacks" will not happen that mysteriously and suddenly disappear the investment of the players.

We are about to start the audit process, as soon as it is complete we will announce it through the official media.

The presale and public sale of the token, KETCHUP, will take place until the audit is complete and can be verified by the community.

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