In the Hot Dog empire everyone has an assigned role to serve the empire in the most efficient way possible. Everyone is fundamental and necessary, which is why each invader, at birth, receives an identifier -unique name- (randomly generated) and a specific role. The invader is included in your Starter Pack.

The roles of the invading force are as follows: Soldier, Spy, Scientist, Amphibian, Pilot, and Special Force.

The probability that you get a certain type of invader is shown in the following table:

Invader TypeProbability











Special Force


An invader's type is used to determine mission compatibility. How this impacts the game is described in more detail in the Mission Types section.

It is important to note that the purpose of this compatibility mechanic is to reduce the influence of luck in the completion of the mission. Likewise, increase the degree of effectiveness of the player's strategies.


The equipment and weaponry with which an invader carries out his missions is represented by a deck of 28 Artifact cards. It belongs exclusively to its invader and cannot be transferred (for the time being) to another player. Deck characteristics, composition, and operation are fully described in the Decks section.

Lives and Health

When your invader is created, it is born with three lives. When these lives are over your Hot Dog goes to Retirement and you can't do any more missions with it.

All invaders have 100 health points for each life and for each mission carried out, regardless of the result, the invader will lose one health point.

When the health points are zero, your Hot Dog will be seriously injured and will not be able to do any more missions. At that point, the game will allow you to heal your invader and continue with more missions, however the number of lives will be reduced by one. You can also decide not to heal him and send him to Retirement early.

Heal your invader

In order for your Hot Dog to continue doing missions after his health points reach zero, you must heal him. The cost to do so is 50 MUSTARD.

You will need to wait a certain amount of time until your invader's recovery is complete and then send it back on missions.

HealingRecovery Time


3 days


5 days

Once the recovery time is complete, the invader's health points will be restored and one life is subtracted. If he had three lives, now he will have two, etc.


When a Hot Dog loses its three lives or the player decides to send him to retirement early, the invader cannot be sent on missions anymore. Depending on his performance he can receive a commemorative medal of merit for his services.

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