How to play?

We describe the sequence:

  1. The player selects an invader, his deck and a set of Maio dice.

  2. The system generates a mission randomly.

  3. The type of mission is revealed and any special condition that will modify the behavior of the Maio dice. The mission failure probability percentage starts at 100%. (For more details on how a mission works, see the section Missions)

  4. The player selects six cards from his deck. These cards will be the only ones the player can use during the mission, unless a card effect allows otherwise.

  5. The player throws his Maio dice and counts the Maio available to play.

  6. The player uses the cards that he wants or can. The percentage chance of mission failure will decrease (or not), depending on the strategy the player has followed. This will determine if the mission was a total failure or an absolute success.

  7. The mission ends.

Your Hot Dog invader has won, his race is one step closer to absolute power or he was defeated and is now in the hands of his enemies.

The reward is given to the player according to the results, this is better described in the section Rewards.

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