A card game? You mean something like Magic?

If you are a member of the gaming community, or games in general, you have surely heard about the most popular trading card game in history. The very idea of ​​trading card games comes from this game. We are talking about Magic: The Gathering. Magic (for friends) is an incredibly complex, and incredibly fun game, that has been around for over 20 years.

Although in Dogs vs Hot Dogs from Outer Space we are Magic players, and big fans of that world, we do not seek to replicate its gameplay in the short or long term. We do not want, nor do we aspire, to copy or clone Magic in the world of NFTs.

Dogs vs Hot Dogs from Outer Space has its own rules, mechanics and ideas with which we intend to differentiate ourselves from the classic trading card game. At the same time, we want to create a more casual approach, easy to learn and quick to play.

The first wave of NFT games, click-to-earn games, attracted a type of investor who is not a gamer. This one got used to getting money just by clicking a couple of times on websites (which pretended to be games, but we all know, they are not). In our current niche, casual gamers predominate. For this reason our game starts with an easy to learn mode. We combine chance and strategy, but in a way that doesn't require learning countless rules to play and have fun.

Dogs vs Hot Dogs from Outer Space will grow and evolve into more game modes, but all focused on the same premise: game mechanics that are easy to learn, fast to play, and the right combination of simplicity and fun.

Simplicity = Boring?

Our game starts with Invasion mode, which is the mode with the easiest game mechanics to learn. You will have quick games (half a minute to two minutes) but fun enough to encourage you to keep playing. It has a great replay value because we will be introducing more cards and mechanics that will expand it.

However, Dogs vs Hot Dogs from Outer Space will have many more game modes (we have only revealed three). These modes will make the gameplay more varied and give your decks more uses. We will turn Dogs vs Hot Dogs from Outer Space into a full-fledged game, comparable to others great games and with a highly competitive mode among its players.

They are a small team, will they be able to program this game that they describe? won't it take forever?

If your card game concept involves a game whose complexity mimics Magic then the answer is yes. It is a difficult task for a small study like ours. If that were our goal it would take years to develop it.

Dogs vs Hot Dogs from Outer Space isn't trying to mimic Magic, nor is it trying to create an overly complex card game on day one.

Our approach is to divide our game into different modes. Starting with a simple one and gradually evolving to a more complex game.

We want our players and investors to enjoy our game and see their investment pay off soon. It is not our intention to make our players wait for months with false promises about the release of an extremely complex game, while they see how their investment is stagnant and their tokens are devalued because of a release that never comes.

Dogs vs Hot Dogs from Outer Space will be a game that grows with its community. We have an ambitious plan for that, but for now our goal is to launch Invasion mode, allowing people to have fun and earn money in the process.

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