A deck contains 28 Artifact cards. These are random and different from each other. It is created alongside your invader. Also, the deck can only be used (for the time being) by the invader it was created with.

Each deck has the following characteristics:

  1. It is unique. There are 100 Artifact cards in the game. By combining them, we can generate billions of possible decks, ensuring that each existing deck is completely unique and different from any other deck.

  2. It is closed. You cannot add, remove, or change any of the cards in the deck you purchased. Each deck is complete. Using only the cards at your disposal, you must win by creating the best strategies.

  3. Each card in the deck will have a unique visual pattern and the randomly generated name of the invader on its back.

Are unique decks really different? Are they balanced?

Decks are built randomly, but our algorithm applies some rules to ensure balanced decks. The construction algorithm rejects decks if, for example, they are:

  1. Too powerful.

  2. Too weak.

  3. If they contain cards whose effect refers to a card not available in the deck.

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