What is it?

Dogs vs Hot Dogs from Outer Space is a science fiction card game based on NFT technology that runs on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC).

In this game you have two options: you can join the invading Hot Dog army and contribute to their quest for absolute power or, you can be a member of the resistance and help the brave Dogs to defend their home, planet Dog.

Regardless of which side you choose, the missions you complete will bring with them multiple rewards.

We have divided the game into the following modes:

Invasion 🛸

In this mode you will be part of the imperial army. You will control a Hot Dog soldier and your mission will be to seize as many resources as you can on the planet Dog. Be careful and don't trust anyone, the Dogs will fight to the death before losing their planet and their freedom.

Resistance 🐕

Coming soon.

Check out our Roadmap.

Rebellion 🌭🐶

Coming soon.

Check out our Roadmap.

As a team we want to make Dogs vs Hot Dogs from Outer Space a complete card game with simple, yet entertaining mechanics. Players will have fun and, in the process, they’ll earn significant rewards from completing missions.

With love ❤️ ️(your money) and your support we are sure, we will reach the goal.

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