To get rewards, in Invasion mode, you need to go on missions with your Hot Dog.

Number of Missions

An invader can carry out up to four missions during the day, these are not cumulative.

Mission Types

Each mission can be one of the following types: Investigation, Espionage, Ground Raid, Water Raid, Air Strike, Rescue, Special Operation.

The mission type is randomly assigned.

Each invader class has different degrees of compatibility with different types of missions.

Invader TypeMost Compatible MissionLess Compatible Mission



OSpecial Operation





Ground Raid

Aquatic Raid


Aquatic Raid

Air attack


Air attack


Special force

Special Operation, Rescue


The type of mission assigned in a match will have some effect on Maio's dice behavior. Depending on the degree of compatibility between invader and mission, this effects will be positive or negative, that is, compatibility implies the following:

  1. If the compatibility between the mission and your invader is 100%, you will have 10 Maio (energies) available, but you can choose the type of three of those. The remaining seven will be chosen randomly, by rolling Maio's dice.

  2. If the compatibility between the mission and your invader is 0%, you will only have seven Maio (energies) available. The type of these energies will be randomly determined by rolling Maio's dice.

  3. If the compatibility between the mission and your invader is neither 0% nor 100%, you will have 10 Maio (energies) available. These energies are randomly chosen using Maio's dice.

Mission Randomness

All mission types have the same chance to appear.

Health Points

Missions directly impact the Invader's health points. For each mission carried out, regardless of the result, one health point is subtracted from the invader. However, if the mission is rejected by the player, there is no reduction in health points.

To learn more about the health points, visit the Lives and Health section.

Decline a mission

As described in the How to Play? section, when you start a game, the mission is revealed, along with its special conditions. The player then chooses a six-card hand and rools Maio's dice. The result wil set the amount of Maio available to summon the cards. It is at this point, before summoning any of the cards, that the player is able to reject the mission if he considers that he is facing an unfavorable scenario. An invader's health points are not affected by refusing a mission. However, the number of missions available to the invader for that day is reduced by one.

Ex. You start the day, it is the first mission of your invader (out of the four that he can do in the day) but you reject it. Now you can only do three more missions that day.

If you play on normal difficulty you are allowed to reject one mission out of the four that you can play in the day.

If you play on easy difficulty you are allowed to decline up to two missions out of the four you are given for the day.


A mission starts with a 100% chance of failure. The player, with the cards he activates, can reduce that percentage (even take it to zero). The reward will be assigned depending on how much the probability of failure has been reduced.

For more details see the section Rewards.

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