Each invader has a unique deck with 28 Artifact cards.

Each Artifact card has the following sections:

  1. Name

  2. Cost

  3. Power

  4. Effect


The name of the card.


Each Artifact card has a cost (indicated by the symbols in the upper right corner of the card). This must be paid in Maio (energy) in order to use the card. The Maio is obtained through the roll of the Maio dice.

Ex. If your card has the symbols (1)(2) printed in the upper right corner, it indicates that you must pay one Maio energy of type (1) and one Maio energy of type (2) in order to play the card.

This energy cost is not the same for all cards. There are cards whose cost will be lower or higher. Cards that require one or more types of Maio (as in the example). It is important that when you select your hand you choose cards of varied cost to have a more balanced game and more chances of winning.


When you play an Artifact card, it reduces the chance of mission failure by a certain percentage. The amount reduced is directly proportional to the value of its power. Ex. If a card has 20 power points, it reduces the chance of mission failure by 20%.


The effect is an action that occurs in the game after a card's power is activated. These effects do not directly alter the probability of mission failure, but can be useful depending on when they are executed.

Some effects of Artifacts are:

  • Double the power of the next card played.

  • Increase the amount of Maio available.

  • Find a specific card in the deck and play it immediately.

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